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Welcome to the 4Z-Pedia. Let's talk a little bit about clean business, an issue that must be dealt with, as soon as possible, to save our human kind, and our future.
Business is probably the most practiced human activity on earth since we began to inhabit this planet. Business is neither new, nor a novel discovery of the modern industrial world. We had business long ago, before we could drive, fly or use giant cargo ships. We had business long ago, before we invented telephones, televisions, or other telecommunications. We had business long ago, before we knew stock exchange, central banks, or multinational incorporations.

We had business long ago, before we could drive, fly or use giant cargo ships.

Yes, we can be proud of our accumulated experiences, acquired knowledge, and incredible discoveries, but in the same time, we have to analyze what goes wrong. We make mistakes too? That’s out of questioning, the real question is, can we learn from our mistakes?

Business must not be rapacious, in order to be successful. Business must not be greedy, in order to be profitable. Business must not be monopolistic, in order to be prosperous. Success is not only about money, or fast profit, this model of business can not be followed anymore, due to the huge problems, it caused all over the last few decades.

We all wish to leave a better place for our children, even for ourselves, if we could survive longer. In order to achieve this, we have to consider ethics, more and more in business. We should learn from our mistakes, not to blame certain entities, but to degrade bad behaviors, bad policies, and bad strategies.

We have to consider Ethics, more and more in Business

Perhaps, it is not stupid to get to know what went wrong, as we made money before principles. For that purpose, I advise to watch that wonderful documentary “The Incorporation”, which I made an Arabic translation for, in order to be accessible for people in our region. I am sure, many of us who will finish watching it, will become wiser not to fall in the same mistakes, the others did for years.

The Corporation: Clean Business, How It Shouldn't Be

Watch this movie about the Corporation and how it shouldn't be ➤

Business can be practiced, the way many generations have done before, especially, Muslim traders, who made fair business, integrated culture, tolerance, and profit. It is still possible to save natural resources, human lives, and a better future with clean business, don’t you think so?

Start now with professional quality management consultants. We are here to help you achieve sustainable success, while not abandoning values and principles to make our planet better, crises less common, and the future more prosperous.

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