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Welcome to 4Z for Quality. We are offering a free training for you at your organization. Whatever the type, size & activity of the organization. Because of the importance of training in increasing awareness & knowledge, especially in the field of ISO & quality management, we invite you to read the next few lines to learn about this free offer. To whom it is directed, what does it include, & what is the return of training in the short & long term.

For whom:

  • Startups, medium & small businesses wishing to learn about the ISO or quality management system & the potential benefits when implementing it.
  • Universities, schools & educational institutions that want to increase their employees' awareness of educational accreditation or their graduates of quality management systems before entering the labor market.
  • Health institutions & hospitals that are keen to pay attention to the continuous education of their employees in the field of quality management of hospitals & laboratories & infection control.
  • Governmental & service agencies that aspire to improve performance by highlighting the role of quality management & customer satisfaction for their employees.


  • We are ready to provide a customized training according to your activity or what you plan to do in the near future, just tailor-made for you.
  • Our trainers have the experience, competence & international accreditation in most ISO standards & specifications; as quality management system, occupational safety, biosafety, environmental management system, quality management of medical & research laboratories, & medical devices.
  • Our training courses & workshops are based on videos, case studies, & presentations of a high standard in both form & content, & the content will be presented in a hard copy to all training participants.
  • The strength of our trainers lies in their ability to interact with the trainee, so that the training does not turn into an indoctrination session, but rather as a brainstorming of all participants in order to achieve maximum benefit.

4Z Free Training Offer - A Short Video

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  • Get an overview of the processes, policies, & procedures needed to comply your business with quality standards.
  • Find out how ISO certification & accreditation can benefit the organization in the short & long term.
  • Understand the importance of accredited certificates such as ISO 9001 for Quality Management System, 14001 for Environmental Management System, 13485 for Medical Devices Quality Management, 15189 for Medical Laboratories Quality Management, 45001 for Occupational Safety & Health Quality Management.
  • Describe the process of obtaining ISO certification & accreditation, & the main stages in the implementation of the standards.
  • Understand the role of a quality control auditing in assessing & improving performance & filling potential gaps in compliance.

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