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It is a long-established fact that Quality is the most paramount element for the business Success

4Z for Quality is a creative quality and ISO consultancy agency, dedicated to make ISO standards EASY


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    We are committed to build a QMS for you. To make your business compliant with ISO requirements. However, we also promise to simplify regulations of the ISO standards. We make it easy for all your staff, to guarantee a sustainable and flawless performance.


    We are dedicated to answer all questions in full detail. We respond to all your enquiries instantly and clearly. We are also pleased to visit your workplace, and talk with your staff extensively about quality. Not only in Bahrain, but in all Middle East countries.


    We support our clients patiently and honestly. To put in place the most efficient QMS, tailored to their current business. From day one, our clients and their customers will notice the change in performance between before and after our service provision.


    Our highly qualified team is fully certified. Speaks your language and belongs to your culture. Having many years of international work experience. Therefore, we develop a unique QMS, with a feasible and realistic approach, that works for your benefit.


  • To help people grow and succeed by making ISO standards easy, simple, understandable and feasible.
  • To embed quality as a culture in the working place, not to indoctrinate it as guidelines.
  • To grow vertically with more services, and horizontally in new Markets.
  • To be No. 1 quality and ISO consulting in the Middle East.

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Why you choose US

  • We are not afraid of competitors, because we are the best.
  • We speak your language, & belong to your culture.
  • We build personal relationships with our customers.
  • We are high responsive to our clients, & always nearby.
  • We are an internationally-certified & highly educated team.
  • We have a long local experience as well, so we are realistic too.
  • We use a fully fact-based approach, & that's the shortest way.
  • We offer the fastest & most accurate performance assessment.
  • We are experts in personal & group training and coaching.
  • We live next-door, so we are almost an interested party, not just a service provider.
  • We are the most cost-effective consultants, just compare & see.


Years of International and Regional Work Experience

Projects, Lectures, Workshops, and Seminars are held

Degrees, Certifications and Foreign Languages

Infinite Ideas are ready to share with our Clients

Quality Management Consulting
ISO Certification Consulting
Educational Accreditation Consulting
Biosafety Consulting
Human Resources Development
Business Licensing Support
Customer Satisfaction Consulting
Strategic Planning Consulting
Web Design and Assessment of Marketing
Training and Workshops
Auditing and GAP Analysis Services
Feasibility Studies

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We provide consulting, certification, licensing support, training and web design services for private businesses, public institutions, and nonprofits. In Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, and Libya.

Quality is to deliver your product or service at the same level that you would like to get from others

Quality Consulting

We not only build a QMS, rather we strive to create a quality culture throughout your working place. We show you step by step how to transform your goal from a daily success to a continuous and sustainable success.

ISO Certification

We carefully observe your existing QMS. We inspect it according to the latest relevant international ISO standards. In order to see if it is qualified for the ISO certification. Through a hassle-free process for the lowest cost.

Educational Quality

We proudly offer the best educational quality and accreditation consulting for schools and universities, based on relevant international standards, through our highly competent and globally experienced consultants.

Biosafety Quality

Challenges posed by Covid-19 have increased global awareness and interest in biosafety. We have experts in this field. We provide consulting and training for the most efficient and cost-effective biosafety best practices.

GAP Analysis

We offer this to clients, who are certified, but want to outsource auditing, or those who have a QMS but not sure if it is good enough for a certification, or those who need self-assessment to improve performance.

HR Development

We take care of people; the main core of any change and/or development. We provide special services within our consultancy packages. To train the workforce according to latest knowledge and newest quality standards.

Strategic Planning

We support our clients in carrying out the most effective strategic planning. Starting by designing and ending by executing a clear roadmap. Where goals are set and all required internal and external resources are secured.

Licensing Support

We assist new and established companies during issuance or renewal of licenses to meet statutory requirements. We re-define policy, vision and mission statements, and refine portfolios to attract more customers.

Web Design and Assessment

We have a wide experience in web design and evaluation of websites and advertising campaigns. We will increase the luster and the brilliance of your services and products, and expand customer base by ensuring that you present yourself in the best form.

Feasibility Studies

We are one of the best in providing effective feasibility studies services to our valued customers. We design and conduct market studies professionally to ensure a competitive advantage for our clients over others in their respective fields.

Workshops and Training

Training is the pillar of expanding capabilities in any field. But there is a big difference between training outputs from one trainer to another. We at 4Z for Quality know very well how to let your training take you to a huge leap in performance and productivity.

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Mr. Sharif Khalafalla - CEO and Founder Salsabil Trading, Bahrain Mr. Sharif Khalafalla
CEO and Founder Salsabil Trading, Bahrain

4Z for Quality is not a big gain for businesses in Bahrain, or the GCC countries only, but for the whole Middle East!

Eng. Amr Mohamad - Entrepreneur, Egypt Eng. Amr Mohamad
Entrepreneur, Egypt

Will 4Z for Quality Quickly Understand Our Internal Processes and Operations?

Dr. Ahmad Mustafa - Marina Pharmacy Group Owner, Bahrain Dr. Ahmad Mustafa
Marina Pharmacy Group Owner, Bahrain

4Z for Quality's slogan is really true; ISO is literally made easy!

Mrs. Amira Abdullah - Designer, Bahrain Mrs. Amira Abdullah
Designer, Bahrain

4Z for Quality is a beast, a quality beast. They are blunt and very honest with their opinions

Mr. Georg Popp - CEO and Founder Arabia Felix, Germany Mr. Georg Popp
CEO and Founder Arabia Felix, Germany

We will always recommend 4Z for Quality as a trustworthy and professional company


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Most significant principle of quality not mentioned in any international standard is Honesty; without it, quality can always be questioned and its credibility is lost

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Personal Relationships with Customers
Personal Relationships with our Customers


Building Trust is our Priority
Building Trust is our Priority


High Responsiveness to our Clients
High Responsive to Clients


A fully Fact-based Approach
A fully Fact-based Approach


Maximize Success with Data Management
Maximize Success with Data Management


Internationally-certified Team
Internationally-certified Team


Together we grow your Business
Together We will grow your Business


Personal and Small Group Training
Personal and Group Training


Best Performance Assessment
Best and fastest Performance Assessment



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Designing & programming of omanis-for-tolerance.com, sponsored by the Omani Ministry of Endowments & Religious Affairs


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  • ISO Awareness
  • Terms and Definitions
  • ISO Workshops
  • Presentation Skills
  • QMS Concepts

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Our Hardworking Team

Our Team Is Wisely Selected To Cover A Wide Range Of Quality Standards.

Message from the CEO

Our company's purpose - solving complex ISO challenges, and all quality-related matters - is what we aspire to do, in a comprehensive and sustainable context...

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Dr. Tarek Elsherif

Dr. Tarek Elsherif

Chief Executive Officer
Mrs. Nagwa Galal
Mrs. Nagwa Galal General Manager
Dr. Abdulrahman Elbagory
Dr. Abdulrahman Elbagory Consultant
Mr. Madan Aterkar
Mr. Madan Aterkar Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to get ISO Certification but not sure where to start? Feeling overwhelmed with information? Our ISO FAQs provides plain English answers to commonly asked ISO Certification questions.

Before wasting time and effort: It is never enough to do your Best, you should know first what to do, and then you can do your Best

  • Quality Management relates to the wholistic quality management framework that has been established and implemented at your working place, to ensure process performance, quality of products and services and continual improvement. Read our article about quality management for more.

  • Quality control is retrospective – a final check or lagging indicator of performance. It doesn’t take into account the whole quality management system framework. Our experts have more to explain. feel free to contact them if interested to know more.

  • When you have implemented a QMS, and achieved certification to ISO 9001 or certification to some other quality standards, you are deemed to be a Quality Assured company.

  • ISO 9001 is the world's most used standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). Used in over 178 countries, ISO 9001 gives organizations a set of management guidelines that help ensure consistently high-quality products and services. ISO 9001 does not outline exactly how a business should be managed. Instead, it offers a flexible system that companies can implement to improve quality control.

  • The Quality Management System presented in ISO 9001 can help a business produce products or deliver services of reliably high quality, improve customer satisfaction, boost operational efficiency, manage risks, and more. Like other types of ISO certifications, ISO 9001 certification shows your company's stakeholders that you care about quality and effective management. With ISO 9001 certification, you may even be able to get more business, since many international companies will only work with ISO-certified partners.

  • ISO 9001 is not a legal requirement. Companies can choose whether or not to be certified to ISO 9001 or not. That said, Government and Private Request for Tenders (RFTs) often include criteria related to Quality, Safety, and Environmental Certifications. Depending on whether you have a Quality Management System, may mean the difference between winning the tender, or losing the tender to a competitor.

  • To get ISO 9001 Certified you need to complete 3 simple steps as follows: Step 1 Development – build the QMS documentation to meet ISO 9001 requirements. Step 2 Implementation – Implement the Requirements of the QMS as documented. Step 3 Internal Audit – Complete an internal audit and management review meeting. Once that has been completed, you can engage an accredited Certification Body to conduct your certification audit. See Our Article about the steps of ISO Certification for more information.

  • An Internal Audit (= first-party audit) is an assessment of whether the management system meets requirements of the applicable standards AND is effectively implemented and maintained.

  • A Gap Analysis Audit is similar to an internal audit; however, it is usually undertaken in the early stages of management system preparation, prior to certification. It is an assessment of whether the management system meets requirements of the applicable standards AND is effectively implemented and maintained, and provides a Gap Audit Report which includes deficiencies identified, and associated improvement suggestions. We at 4Z for Quality, perform most reliable and cost-effective GAP Analysis for our valuable customer. Call us Today to ask for advice.

  • A 3-month period is ideal and consists of 3 phases: Month 1 – Development, Month 2 – Implementation, Month 3 – Internal audit & management review. Fast ISO Certification may be possible if required (in 10 Days), but there are some factors that can affect timeframes. For more details talk with our consultants.

  • ISO Certification cost depends on a range of factors. These include, internal resourcing capabilities, pre-existing management system documentation, as well as organisation size, and scope of products and services offered. Key costs involved are the cost of the Certification Body and the cost of the ISO Consultant. Ask our Experts for more information.

  • Consultants are engaged by companies to facilitate development, implementation and external audit preparation prior to ISO Certification. ISO Consultant is a role that is dedicated to helping organisations to build practical, efficient QMS that adds value to the organisation, and guarantees certification to the relevant ISO Standards. We are simply the best in the Middle East, so contact us Today to launch your journy to success.

  • 4Z for Quality Consultants can design, develop and implement a certification-ready QMS from the ground up to meet ISO requirements. If you already have an existing QMS in place, we will help you integrate ISO 9001:2015 into other management systems (e.g., EMS) to form an Integrated Management System. Our trained and experienced Consultants have a 100% track record achieving certification for our clients and we guarantee your QMS will get certified by an accredited Certification Body. Book a Meeting Now!.


Quality doesn't come randomly, it's an organized effort, a thoughtful planning, & a commitment to continuous improvement

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