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Welcome to the 4Z-Pedia. Let's explain the meaning, definitions, and strategies of the quality management system as short and as simple as possible.

Quality Management System Overview:

Pretend for a minute that you decide to start your own Pizza store, it doesn't matter if you choose to run it on your ow, or if you purchase a franchise. In all cases, a Pepperoni Pizza, will need pepperoni, cheese, sauce, and Pizza dough.

However, when you go to different Pizza places, you feel a difference. On the surface, they should be the same, but depending on what type of Pizza store you choose to be, some of the ingredients and/or recipes can be different.

Each Pizza store has its own way of doing things. How the Pizza is put together can be different, how the order is taken, handled and delivered, will be different. Each Pizza store, in its own way, has deployed ways of doing things (processes), to ensure an order for a Pepperoni Pizza is understood and can be executed by their team.

Defined activities are in place to complete and deliver requested Pizza

In the case of the franchises, the key activities may have been predefined for you (standardized). In the case of the local store, the activities are self-developed (designed by you).
QMS is the way you do business

So, what we mean by a Quality Management System?

All the activities (processes) that a Pizza store puts together to ensure that a customer receives what he orders, is indeed what we call, a Quality Management System. You might just call it “the way we do business,” and that is precisely right. A Quality Management System (QMS) is an essential part of any business, but most people don't call it that.

Therefore, we could say that: a quality management system (QMS) is the set of processes or activities that enable a business to meet these requirements.

Quality Management Systems are implemented to ensure customer satisfaction. The company can create their own recipe for success.

When creating the recipe for success, you decide how your QMS will be built

You define the processes that help you deliver your product or service in a consistent manner, while meeting at the same time defined requirements. For Example, in the Pizza store, you may have the following steps in place when building an order:


An example of a QMS

Quality Management System Review:

Often quality management systems (QMS) are associated with having documents – such as procedures, work instructions, forms, etc. They may be in a digital or a printed format. Documentation is a component of the QMS, but not the center of it. In the case of the Pizza store, we can argue that all the documents you need are, the Pizza recipes and a clear manner to convey “special” order requirements (for example light sauce, extra cheese, etc.).

You decide what works for your company, and how you build up a QMS; your way of doing things

Keep your QMS simple:

When defining your own QMS (quality management system), keep it simple. We have found that many companies and organizations simply do not implement QMS, due to the over-complication of procedures. This way the company's QMS will be like a jambo jet, which eventually never gets off the ground. Start simple and grow as your business grows!

Jet on the Ground

A super jet, but unfortunately never gets off the ground

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