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Eng. Amr Mohamed - Entrepreneur

Will 4Z for Quality Quickly Understand Our Internal Processes and Operations?

“It can sometimes be hard to imagine an outsider, that isn't a part of your organization, being able to understand what you are trying to do. But, as you go through this experience with 4Z for Quality you realize, the details of what you are doing don't really matter. There is just the best way to lead and operate a business.”

“Many businesses think that because their people have better context and experience navigating the organization, that an outside consulting company couldn't possibly understand its complexities. The advantage, if you bring in 4Z for Quality, is they can actually be a neutral company who can hold true to a very fact-based, big-picture approach which really sets your business up for success.”

“When 4Z for Quality first came on board, there were definitely reservations. We thought: “Will they understand our company,” “will they add value?” “how long will it take for them to come up to speed?” “will they be able to work with all the different groups.” “do they understand how we like to see our data?” but those reservation disappeared once we started to see the results. At our weekly 4Z for Quality status meeting, we were amazed at how quickly they were able to go through all the information and get to the most important data summaries.”

“We are pleased to work with these professional guys.”

Eng. Amr Mohamed

Arabic Ornament
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