Dr. Ahmad Mustafa - Owner of Marina Pharmacy Group

Their slogan is really true, ISO is literally made easy!

“We are a big pharmacy group that is interested to get certified in ISO 9001:2015 for the quality management system. Therefore, we contacted 4Z for Quality to assist us reach that goal. We knew that their slogan is ISO made Easy, so we were curious to examine if that's really true.”

“First thing what they have advised, was to perform a workshop to clarify & explain ISO requirements, terms & definitions for all key workers at our group. We agreed, & we have found that what we received was more than we have expected.”

“That was an excellent workshop, delivered by a real expert in the field, we had a very useful introduction to quality management system, the workshop offered very useful ideas, the pace was good, & the presentation was very professional. It was also very practical, with step-by-step instructions on how to do things. This workshop had encouraged us to make a deal with 4Z for Quality to prepare us for the ISO certification.”

“So far, we are very satisfied to work with 4Z for Quality hand in hand, to reach our goals in the shortest time.”

Dr. Ahmad Mustafa
Owner of Marina Pharmacy Group

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